An Economist's Guide to Economic History

Editors: Matthias Blum and Christopher L. Colvin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (due in Q4 2018)

An Economist's Guide to Economic History guides academic economists and their students through the field of economic history, demonstrating the power of historical thinking in economic research, and advising them on how they can actively engage with economic history scholarship in their own teaching and learning. 

This book provides an introduction to the field of economic history written specifically for economists, demonstrating to readers who are already familiar with economic theory and methodology how they can explore different facets of economic history for themselves. All chapters are written by experts in their fields of research and teaching. Each contributor offers an introduction to a different question or topic, historical context, or research method and explores how they can be used in economics scholarship and pedagogy. 

Without economic history, economics runs the risk of being too abstract or parochial, of failing to notice precedents, trends and cycles, of overlooking the long-run and thus failing to understand “how we got here”. Recent financial and economic crises have illustrated spectacularly how economists have failed to learn from the past. Reading this book will help economists to not make the same mistakes again.